Excelitas Technologies to Highlight Photonic Solutions for Defense and Aerospace at AUSA



Excelitas Technologies®,  a global technology leader delivering innovative, a global technology leader delivering innovative, customized photonic solutions, will highlight its innovative photonic solutions for mission-critical defense and aerospace applications at the AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition.



Featured products at Excelitas booth #300 include:

  • Cooled and Uncooled Dismounted Soldier Sighting Solutions: Excelitas’ dismounted soldier offerings include components, modules and system solutions for night vision, thermal and fused sighting, as well as surveillance and target location systems. Excelitas’ cooled and uncooled dismounted soldier sighting solutions are employed for a variety of special force, national defense force, law enforcement and professional security team operations.
  • Long-Range Surveillance Systems for Anti-Drone, Border and Vehicle Applications: Excelitas’ Qioptiq complex optronic solutions for above- and below-armor in main battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers are in service on major platforms around the world including AJAX, JLTV, LAV, Stryker, Warrior, Puma, Challenger and many others. The company’s thermal imaging cameras, objective lenses and optical modules enable long-range surveillance systems for anti-drone, border and vehicle applications.
  • Energetic Systems: Excelitas designs, tests and manufactures energetic products for electronic safing, initiation, actuation and detonation applications. Excelitas’ energetic device performance and testing offerings include custom energetics, electronic safe and arm devices, ignition safety devices and rocket motor initiators.
  • Sensors and Detectors for Defense and Aerospace Applications: Available in standard (off-the-shelf) and customer-specific designs, Excelitas’ sensors and detectors provide accurate measurement and detection of light, heat, motion and distance for mission-critical applications. Excelitas’ military and aerospace sensor products include emitters, detectors and pulsed lasers for laser ranging, fuzing and laser warning systems; terminal guidance detectors for precision guided munitions and laser spot tracking; as well as emitters for target acquisition, ranging and designation.

Company experts will be on site or available by phone in advance of the conference to provide updates on its solutions.


WHEN:            Conference: October 14, 2019  


WHERE:          Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC, Excelitas Booth #300


About Excelitas Technologies
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