Dismounted Soldier

Excelitas is a world leading designer and manufacturer of surveillance and target acquisition products for the Dismounted Soldier. All of the equipment provided by Excelitas is specifically designed to meet the challenging requirements of the dismounted soldier environment and has been proven to be reliable and robust over many decades with the most demanding customers.

Excelitas product range uses the latest night vision, thermal and fused technologies to offer the optimum solution for the dismounted soldier.

  • Comprehensive range of weapon aiming and target acquisition sights designed for use on assault rifles, light support weapons, crew served weapons, anti-tank/material weapons, medium and long range sniper weapons
  • High performance binocular Night Vision Goggles
  • Hand-held, multi-wavelength surveillance or target location devices
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Why should you choose Excelitas as your provider of dismounted soldier surveillance systems?
Meeting the demands of the dismounted soldier environment, Excelitas ensures we deliver optimum solutions to our customers. We pay attention to the complex design and engineering requirements of night vision, thermal and other surveillance products. Through decades of honing our skills and expertise, we have proven ourselves as the best in the field.
What types of surveillance and target acquisition systems do you offer?
We have a comprehensive range of dismounted soldier products for you to choose from. Let's start with the weapon-mounted sights, including night vision, thermal and fused imaging. Our night vision goggles and optical modules further cement our optical technology leadership. The pursuit of excellence continues with our handheld surveillance sights. Then there's our Through-Life Support package, which involves standard and custom-tailored contract-based fleet management service.
What applications do our dismounted soldier surveillance systems have?
Trust Excelitas to deliver excellent products for your surveillance and target acquisition needs. For instance, we have built weapon sights for a variety of applications, including assault weapons, crew-served weapons, anti-tank/anti-materiel weapons and specialized sniper weapons. In addition, our night vision goggles improve situational awareness and mobility during tactical operations in darkness and adverse weather conditions. Meanwhile, we have handheld surveillance sights with robust designs to handle the most challenging demands in the battlefield. In general, our products for the dismounted soldier environment are perfect for search and rescue, perimeter surveillance and structure profiles.
Can dismounted soldier surveillance systems be customized?
Like our other components, modules and systems, our night vision goggles, target location devices and thermal technology can be manufactured according to the most exacting specifications. Our interdisciplinary team digs deeper into your requirements, aligns the design and prototype with your vision and works hand-in-hand to deliver your desired results. Whether standalone or integrated, we ensure our products are precisely what you ordered. This is all connected to our goal of generating technologies that minimize costs while enhancing your time-to-market.