Space Optics

With our 50-year Qioptiq® optical heritage in space, Excelitas supplies more than 80% of the planet's specialized space-qualified glass, making us the leading manufacturer of radiation stable micro-sheet cover glass and optical solar reflectors for the space industry.  We maintain dedicated in-house glass melters in our facilities in the United Kingdom, and offer you a fully integrated manufacturing capability.

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your provider of space optics?
Excelitas has built a reputation as the world-leading manufacturer of space-qualified glass and optical solar reflectors (OSRs). In 1970, we entered the space business as Pilkington Space Technology, eventually expanding to support the demands of over 3,000 satellites. Now, we have dedicated glass melting based in our United Kingdom operations, together with unique patented glass formulations. This shows our high-volume manufacturing capability, which matches the most challenging demands of the space industry.
What types of space optics do you offer?
Our space optics lineup is divided into the OSR and space-qualified cover glass. First off, our OSRs are used in most major satellite programs for civilian and military applications in Europe, the USA and Japan. On the other hand, our microsheet cover glass is manufactured to meet the most stringent space-qualified glass standards. We offer a wide range of thicknesses and geometries in CMX, CMG and CMO glass types. As such, our products can achieve low solar absorption, high emissivity, ESD protection and thermal expansion coefficients matching solar cells.
What applications do our space optics have?
We are privileged to supply 80% of the world's radiation stable microsheet cover glass and optical solar reflectors. This makes us a reliable partner in the space industry, satisfying the latter's unique requirements. Specifically, our OSR is capable of reflecting incoming solar radiation while radiating internally-generated heat. This function is used for the thermal control of spacecraft on the sun-facing sides of satellites. Meanwhile, our space-qualified glass is proven to deliver extensive on-orbit performance.
Can space optics solutions be customized?
Our UK facilities produce patented glass formulations that can be integrated into various space applications. Let us know your particular requisites, and our design and engineering teams will work together to deliver your desired results. Contact us today to learn more about how we customize solutions for our clients’ unique needs.