Excelitas' photonic products and expertise enable many aspects of the rapidly accelerating evolution of the automotive and transportation industries. Our detection technologies fulfill the sensory intelligence for automotive systems, enabling the leading-edge of autonomous vehicle development, driver assistance systems and even automated smart car convenience features. With more than 50 years on the defining edge of aerospace head-up displays, Excelitas is an ideal partner to meet the increasing complexity requirements of next-generation automotive HUDs. Our immersion in automotive technologies combined with our diverse photonic capabilities segues into  a variety of transportation-related advancements such as traffic monitoring and road-surface lighting.

Autonomous Vehicles

Excelitas facilitates today's driver-assistance and tomorrow's autonomous vehicle. Field-proven in mission critical defense, aerospace and outerspace LiDAR applications, we are refining our Photonic Detectors and Pulsed Laser Diode Emitters to meet the needs of the automotive industry.

Vehicle Systems

While human drivers are still the most critical component to automotive operation today, our photonic technologies and expertise are being applied to systems that enhance driver performance and improve highway safety.