Industrial Manufacturing Environmental Monitoring

Helping to achieve cleaner industry and protect our environment

Excelitas has the IR absorption technology expertise and range of optoelectronic sensors to detect smoke and deleterious gas levels

Protecting the environment is one of the most critical global tasks facing mankind. There are numerous contributors to harmful emissions realeased into our environment including industrial combustion, smelting and metal processing, construction and demolition, and forest fires to name a few. Environmental analysis is of paramount importance today for a host of reasons ranging from health, and environmental sustainability, to climate and socioeconomics.

Various detection methods can be used to detect harmful smokes and gaseous emissions, from classic optoelectronic reflection methods to gas sensing using the infrared (IR) absorption method. Excelitas has the IR absorption technology expertise and range of optoelectronics components to detect smoke and deleterious gas levels. Our detectors and sensors are playing a vital role in making our environment safer, more secure, and healthier. Our advanced OPO (optical parametric oscillator) tunable cw laser technology is also utilized in a wide range of trace-gas analysis, spectroscopy and materials testing.

Environmental Analytics provide us with answers to questions and concerns about potential workplace health hazards – those caused by workplace conditions, materials or machinery. Environmental Analytics, of course, looks at the quality of our water, our air – both ambient and indoor, our food, and our soils to assay whether there are threats to our health and safety – and the well-being of our families. Low-light-level detectors offered by Excelitas are used in the instruments that perform environmental testing and analysis, creating a healthier and safer environment.