Medical Thermometry

Non-contact body temperature measurement and screening with infrared thermopiles

Non-contact body temperature measurement and screening with Infrared thermopiles

Excelitas Technologies is the recognized technology leader in the design and manufacture of infrared (IR) Thermopile sensors for medical ear and body temperature thermometry. Our IR Thermopile Sensors range from standard analog detectors, to innovative thermal-shock resistant solutions and variants featuring integrated optics, to “smart” sensor solutions including pre-calibrated sensors with onboard signal processing and digital interface, to streamline integration such as our DigiPile® and CaliPile® solutions.

Excelitas offers miniaturized TO-packaged sensors that fit into the ear as well as standard sized packages for forehead thermometry. Our newly optimized, multi-pixel “CoolEYE” sensors can be used for fixed installations as a remote facial thermometry device capable of detecting elevated skin temperatures (EST) for personnel screening and controlling access into public forums and facilities.

Excelitas detectors and sensors are available for mass production and meet the respective national standards and regulations for medical applications based on accuracy and resolution, as well as long-term stability and reliability.

In accordance with established medical-grade principles requiring that sensors should be calibrated in the assembled instrument where it will be used in order to achieve the best possible accuracy, Excelitas offers its sensors without pre-calibration to medical grade. In the case of thermometry, where calibration is performed on the assembled thermometer that might include necessary integrated optics, you can rest assured that possible distortions of the measurement system under operation are correctly covered by the calibration values.