Medical Radiography and Molecular Imaging

Imaging solutions from gamma to infrared

Excelitas meets angiographic, surgical and lithotripsy radiographic imaging needs with high-aperture and fully motorized imaging units.

Excelitas offers a variety of sensors, X-ray sources and power supplies which cover the entire electromagnetic spectrum, from the very short wavelength gamma rays to long infrared wavelengths. 

Gamma rays penetrate deep into human tissue and are used in a variety of medical fields. One is nuclear medicine, where optical detectors equipped with scintillator crystals are used to detect radiation in gamma-knife surgery, where gamma rays are focused on eliminating cancer cells. Excelitas offers high performance silicon (Si) avalanche photodiodes, including 2D arrays, enabling high resolution molecular imaging when coupled to scintillators such as BGO or LYSO. This high quality imaging is enabled by their excellent quantum efficiency in the blue region of the spectrum and fast timing resolution. These detectors have been developed and refined over decades making them a premier solution for the medical imaging field.

Excelitas Omniblocks and X-Ray power supplies are producing X-rays in medical applications for general radiography, digital radiography, tomography, vascular/interventional imaging, image guided radiation therapy, radiation oncology and veterinary medicine.

Visible to infrared wavelengths detectors are used for a range optical imaging in medicine that depend upon fluorescence and bioluminescence. In the visible range, penetration depth is limited to a few millimeters due to scattering or absorption of light by hemoglobin, melanin, and lipids, giving the surface assessment of tissue. In the near-infrared wavelengths, light penetrates to depths of several centimeters for in vivo imaging.