UVC Disinfection Light Sources

Excelitas designs and manufactures ultraviolet solutions for disinfection of air, liquids and solid surfaces. Our UVC light source technologies include UVC LED, Xenon & Krypton Flashlamps, and Excimer lamps to address a variety of system requirements for specific applications that fulfill a critical role in protecting our populace and disinfecting our environment from dangerous microbial contamination. With field-proven expertise in UV technology and end-to-end photonic solutions integration, we offer a wide array of components, modules, light systems and custom turnkey UVC solutions to solve the complex challenges of microbial disinfection and eliminate harmful pathogens.

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your provider of UVC disinfection solutions?
Combining our design engineering and fabrication expertise, our Excelitas interdisciplinary team delivers advanced ultraviolet disinfection solutions. Our branded and tailored offerings speak to the need for effective disinfection of air, liquids, and solid surfaces. We employ UVC light sources to accomplish this seemingly simple yet significant task. Further, you can rely on our product offering to help solve the complex challenges of microbial disinfection and eliminate harmful pathogens.
What types of UVC disinfection light sources do you offer?
We have a wide array of UVC solutions catering to disinfection applications. We can start with our Custom UVC LED light solutions, which include chip-on board LED assembly, thermal management as well as optical and mechanical enclosure design. We also offer the capability to package bare LED die into component-level packages of any number in any size with our LED UVC Chip-on-board components. Then there's our Kepri upper air UVC disinfection system, a compact, innovative germicidal solution that inactivates harmful pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2 which allows safe and effective room air disinfection. Our UVC Xenon flashlamps are capable of emitting a broad number of wavelengths, helping to eliminate concerns about microbial peak absorption. And then, we have our OmniCure AC series also provides microbial disinfection UV solutions in a scalable modular design. And finally, there is our excimer lamps which generate eye safe narrow bandwidth 222nm ultraviolet light safely and efficiently.
How do you manage the safety risks of UVC disinfection systems?
At Excelitas, we design, build, and test our UVC disinfection light sources in the safest conditions. We take pride in being compliant with regulatory requirements across the board. Our UVC solutions are no exception. They go through a rigorous process to ensure they're deployed with the highest safety standards, reliability, and performance.
What are the industrial applications of UVC disinfection light sources?
Our suite of fully customized UVC LED light solutions cater to diverse applications. On the other hand, our Kepri lineup can be purchased off the shelf and is particularly helpful in reducing the spread of viral airborne diseases, thanks to its robust capabilities. Another great option to check out is our OmniCure AC Series offerings for a safer, mercury, and ozone-free alternative. And finally, if you're in the market for systems with broad UV emission wavelengths, our pulsed Xenon UV light sources make the perfect candidate for your disinfection applications.
Can UVC disinfection solutions be customized?
Yes, we can tailor-fit UVC solutions to the stringent requirements of your disinfection applications. This service has always complemented our off-the-shelf products, ensuring the fulfillment of your project requirements. Our goal is to provide our clients with unique solutions and give them an edge over competitors along the way. From the assessment and prototyping to the delivery process, you can count on our expertise, innovation, and flexibility. Contact us today if you want to know how we can customize your ultraviolet disinfection solutions according to your requirements.

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