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Excelitas X-Cite NOVEM LED Illumination System Wins Microscopy Today Innovation Award



Excelitas is pleased to announce that our powerful X-Cite® NOVEM LED Illumination System has been honored as one of the ten best microscopy innovations in 2021 by Microscopy Today magazine. Taking advantage of our patented LaserLED Hybrid Drive® to effortlessly fill the green gap in the challenging 500 – 600nm range, X-Cite NOVEM features high excitation power for fluorescence applications across the UV-visible-NIR spectrum. The nine-wavelength, fast-switching system includes spectral coverage from Fura-2 all the way to IR800. With four configuration options and pre-installed clean-up filters, researchers can choose the combination best-suited to their existing and future imaging applications.

The Microscopy Today Innovation Awards recognize products and methods on the basis of their importance and usefulness to the microscopy community. Winners of the 2021 awards provide better, faster or entirely new methods of analysis using some type of microscope or microanalytical instrument.

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