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Utilizing Upper-Air UVGI in the Fight Against COVID-19

Utilizing Upper-Air UVGI in the Fight Against COVID-19Few disease experts believe that COVID-19 will disappear anytime soon, and we have been warned that this will not be the last highly infectious pathogen to cross our thresholds. Knowing what we know now about disease transmission and the effectiveness of disinfection modalities, upper-air disinfection has become one of the most valuable, proven defenses available for airborne respiratory viruses like SARS-CoV-2.

The mechanism for pathogenic microbe and virus inactivation through UVC irradiation is relatively straightforward: UVC irradiation induces damage to the genomes of bacteria and viruses by breaking bonds and forming photodimeric lesions in nucleic acids, DNA and RNA. These lesions, in turn, prevent both transcription and replication and ultimately lead to inactivation – preventing microorganisms and viruses from infecting and reproducing. In this way, as pathogens pass through an active UVC disinfection zone, the upper-air disinfection system inactivates the virus before it can be re-transmitted. This continuous disinfection is more effective than other, intermittent treatments.

Read Excelitas’ article, “Utilizing upper-air UVGI in the fight against COVID-19,” by James Clements, Director of Channel Management, Product Marketing, in Health Europa to learn about the effectiveness of utilizing upper-air disinfection in contagion control, as well as to catch up to speed on the latest advances that are enabling occupant-safe operation in the fight against COVID-19.

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