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Award-Winning LED Illumination for Fluorescence from Fura-2 to Cy7.5 and Beyond

X-Cite Novem

Light-emitting diode (LED) illumination for fluorescence microscopy systems has come a long way since the turn of the century, when the LED sources available had low optical power and a limited range of wavelengths. While the benefits of LED technology were attractive, their limitations prevented large-scale adoption.

Twenty years later, advances in the semi-conductor industry have eliminated many of those fundamental hurdles. Today, LED technology is rapidly replacing the lamps used in microscopy and fluorescence imaging, even for applications on the extreme ends of the light microscopy spectrum.

Read Excelitas’ article, “Award-Winning LED Illumination for Fluorescence from Fura-2 to Cy7.5 and Beyond,” by Kavita Aswani, Senior BioMedical Applications Scientist, for an overview of the latest advances in illumination for fluorescence imaging, from near-UV to near-IR fluorophores. The article also highlights case studies demonstrating the 2021 Microscopy Today Innovation Award-winning X-Cite® NOVEM™ as successful replacements for traditional arc lamps in calcium imaging applications, producing equivalent results with the convenience of LEDs.

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